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How to Measure your Dog
I will need the measurements of your dog, these are the measurements I require to make your dog coat a perfect fit.

The length of your dog from his/her back of the collar to the base of the tail,this is how I am pricing the coats
The belly size, just before the hind legs
The collar size, round the neck.
The chest size, round the rib cage.
Front legs measure from armpit to floor (see star)
Hind legs measure from top of hip to floor (see star)

How to measure your dog for a perfect fitted coat

If you are buying coats for more than one dog then you must give measurements for each dog,e.g dog 1. dog 2 etc. thank you.
Your Name & Email address
Length from collar to base of tail
Chest size, round the Ribcage,
Belly size, just before the hind legs.
Collar size.
ONESIE/JUMPERS ONLY,Front Legs, measure from armpit to floor
ONESIE ONLY,Hind legs, measure from top of hip to floor
Breed & for ONESIE/JUMPERS ONLY the sex of dog
   Made to Measure 
 Made to measure top coats, will be 10 days before dispatch, 
made to measure onesies can be up to 2 months,depending on the size wanted,
I do have plenty of coats in stock that may fit your dog ask me.
Please be patient at this busy time of year.

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